An introduction……


Thursday 11th July, 2013 (Day 1)

Well it’s time to start being accountable again about my transformation from “oh not so happy with myself” to “superstar, fit and fabulous”. So I will start a daily short entry for anyone interested in joining me on a journey that I’m sure will be filled with workouts, healthy meals, tears, tantrums, accomplishments and general crazy mental breakdowns because “I want chocolate”……

So as a quick overview as I want to keep these short. My goals (well the main ones) are to lose 10kg in 3 months and run 10km. I do have many others but those are my main focus. To get there I want to train 2 x per day, 1 x on Saturday and Sunday is a light optional workout. My food is based around the Michelle Bridges 12wbt eating plan as I freaking love her food and find I gain excellent results from such. So if you like what I’m eating head over to the 12wbt website and join up 🙂

So today in summary did a boring uphill walk on the treadmill this morning (still gets me hot n sweaty) but it felt good to get something done whilst planning my next fitness moves. Tomorrow will be more exciting. Tonight was weights, chest, back and some biceps. Although I’m lifting heavy I’m not where I was 2 months ago and it really did make me sad, but I have such motivation to get back into shape physically, improve my strength and improve my mental balance as well and stop the all or nothing crap. Food was clean all day even after a late night getting home. Setting up to do list for training tomorrow and noms. Preparation is key !!!!!!!!


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