Feelings in the Gym ???


Friday 12th July, 2013 (Day 2)

Well I thought I’d get controversial pretty much straight away after what happened to me at the gym this morning which started me thinking about feelings in the gym and how we treat each other…..

We’ve seen many pictures like the one I’ve posted about judging heavier people in the gym. That thinner people laugh and criticize and we all know that in real life this does happen and I’ve witnessed it myself…… Yes I did give this person an attitude adjustment immediately…. Honestly in my experience there are more people that are quietly cheering people on and aren’t staring at the “monster” but truly are inspired by the workout thinking they need to push themselves harder !!!!! BUT also……

What about the flip side ???? The fact that there are heavier people that think that smaller people are lucky and must have great genes or “I bet she can eat what she wants” etc and so forth…. As we all know this is the case for what ??? 1% of the population and they are mostly on the catwalk (but still eating cotton balls soaked in orange juice…. true story !!!) and they don’t really need to be in the gym so why are they even here……. Even though they may have worked their freaking arses off and said no to any temptation !!!!

Let’s also look at the feelings of gym hogging/protectiveness and my joyous 5am morning – I was happily killing myself thanks to the Nike Training Club (GET THIS APP !!!!) and a larger woman came into room (which I admit is the group fitness room + the area for circuits etc) and instantly gave me the dirty look of “you don’t belong here”. I thought that I should leave as a class may be starting but there were a total of 3 people doing this class and the attitude of Miss Thang gave me the determination to make them actually ask me to leave my little tiny corner in a large massive room. Of course they did not ask me to leave and the instructor didn’t even bat an eyelid at me. I would have happily found a new happy place elsewhere to finish my workout but didn’t want to leave with my tail between my legs on my own accord ???? So we have a massive room with a total of 3 class attendees, 1 instructor and little ole me in the corner taking up the space of about a floor mat. Miss Thang actually stepped into my little workout area to do her walking lunges to make sure I knew I was unwelcome…… I didn’t belong there… I felt bloody awful and insignificant….. And all that kept going through my mind was “we are on the same journey to health and happiness, what makes your workout appear more important than mine that you would make me want to leave?”………..Is it because she was larger and I didn’t “need to be there?”….. who knows, but it was hurtful……. As I was leaving I waited for her to lunge pass me and gave a “I’m friendly” disarming smile and I received just a blank look back…. Good morning to you 🙂

So how do you treat your fellow gym goers ?? Is your workout more important than someone else’s ?? How do you want to be perceived by others ?? Do you care if you make someone feel awful and want to quit ?? Think about how you love training and how someone else probably loves it just as much and your actions make them want to stop…. how would you feel giving up something you love ?????

Side note – The guys never said a word or gave me a nasty look when I overtook their area in the weights section previously……. Is this a female thing ??? Are we more competitive not even knowing what each other’s goals or stories are ???

Stats for today Clean eating 100% 2 x Training Sessions 100% 🙂 Hoorah….. Feeling pretty freaking tired and anxious about VIP tix to the horse races tomorrow….. Have the best plans in place but lets see how they go, tend to get swept up in the moment at this event. Can’t believe I’m doing a 5am workout on a Saturday !! But goals are to be reached, not simply dreamt of.


One thought on “Feelings in the Gym ???

  1. What a horrible experience! I’ve (luckily) never come across that sort of thing at the gym before, but I tend to end up in sell-out classes or at my friend’s boot camp. Buuuttttt since having a baby I have experienced a LOT of judgment about my health and fitness. If I’m working out, people make sure I know they think I should be at home, and if I’m not working out people ask me how I’m going with getting my pre-baby bod back. Plus, I have my own preconceptions to overcome because being a mum is MUCH more full on that I ever anticipated. You’re right when you say that everyone is entitled to do something to improve their health and fitness. They deserve to be supported, not judged.

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