Off to the races…..


Saturday 13th July, 2013 (Day 3)

Well did a fantastic workout very early for a Saturday morning. Absolutely smashed it out !!!! It really made me feel soooooooo good to start the day off kicking butt and an added bonus, there’s no one else at the gym at 5am !!!!!. Had a wonderful breakfast of poached eggs, ham, chilli jam and salad om nom nom.

Then the races….. Chief Ministers Cup is a big drinking day……. I did have plans to have 1 drink to 1 water and I did exceptionally well for a good 4 hours……. but I will admit the nibbles were delicious and I’m glad that the girls simply came to the tables instead of us going and getting our own or I would have eaten them out of all those little sumptuous morsels…..

After that exceptional first few hours the drinks definitely flowed and I ended up even hitting a couple of oh so good cocktails……

Pretty happy with myself I didn’t do a carb raid of the fridge when I got home but had a big bottle of water and steak 🙂 No Maccas runs here !!!!!

So all up I’m going to say I’m at 60% for good food today (as I did have more drinks than I planned and I did have those nibbles) and 100% for training 🙂


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