Ssshhhhhhh !!!!!


Sunday 14th July, 2013 (Day 4)

Well woke with my expected hangover and started the day still with goals at the forefront mind and reminding myself that I had all my fun yesterday and it was time to detox and get back into it….. Lasted till about 1pm……. Yeah, well, the hangover cure of chicken and chips did appear to make my hangover so much better than my earlier healthy nutrition but now I feel full bloated and sick…. Smart one Kez….. oh and lets add in a side of guilt please for even enjoying my fat and carb laden nosh….. Ah well, one bad meal won’t ruin a week of work (assuming I will behave until weigh in Wednesday) just like one good meal won’t make me an instant goal attainer…. 🙂

So stats today = Nutrition 50% (half day great, half day not great), and training was rest day so optional…. I chose visiting family instead 🙂 was a nice choice……..


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