Tired beyond belief…..


Monday 15th July, 2013 (Day 5)…..

Painfully tired today….. The matchsticks keeping my eyes open are killing me !!!! Woke up for 5am workout and made the decision to skip it and that sleep was more important….OMG !!!!….. Not sure if that is actually true, but I am glad to have got an extra hour or so……. Then of course spent all day playing “I’ll make up for it” in my head…..Anyone else eat something, miss a session or whatever and straight away the guilt monster gets you wondering just how you’ll make up for it ???? So thinking back to having a “great day” on Saturday…. maybe it wasn’t so great, the aftermath has been a meal that was not conducive to my goals and now I missed training in the morning…. Impressive…. And I know I have one more day just like Saturday on my calendar this year, in about 2 weeks. Wonder how I’ll go and if I’ve actually learnt anything from this weekend…… I think I did well on the day but the following ones…. not so good….. Unsure whether it should be a case of “live and let live”, “just enjoy life occasionally”, or whether I really need to knuckle down and be 100% perfect everyday…. Guess it depends how goal orientated my determination is at that moment in time. Generally I’m aiming for perfection, but like I’ve said previously one bad meal isn’t going to change me, just like one good meal won’t…. Really trying to break my “all or nothing” attitude here so bare with me when I go hopping from one side of the fence to the other. Expect a little “Bugger it all the world is my buffet” to “I am perfection personified and my body is my temple”….. Oh how I love lifestyle changes…

So today I had a pre-workout so I actually did more in my afternoon training session than staring at my heart rate monitor and skipping songs…. Yup, love every song on my ipod, except when it’s on shuffle….. then it’s 1 in 27….. So many people are pro pre-workout and many, I know, are dead set against it. Obviously I don’t care, if something is going to help me achieve my goals and it’s not killing me then hoorah, pass it here. And yes I know that pre-workouts can actually kill you (just like red bull), but I am a responsible user 🙂 It’s only on “holy crap I’m dead” days and I do read the ingredients…

So what are your thoughts on the ole pre-workout ?? And some info for peeps that don’t know a regular cup of coffee has about 40mg of caffeine in it. Go and read the label on your pre-workout and see just how much you’re having….. some of the most popular I know of are 300mg a hit…. Yup over 7 cups in a hit !!!! And some labels say take one hit in the morning and one in the afternoon before 3pm (so you sleep !!!)…. so think about it, would you actually drink 15 cups of coffee a day ???….. Check out ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caffeine and the section “Toxicity” for some symptoms of being over caffeinated….. There are many many sites that discuss caffeine and the benefits and potential harmful effects but I’m a firm believer of moderation and being smart and well informed and making a logical decision that is aligned with my health goals….

Today’s stats = Nutrition 100% Training 50% as I did miss my morning cardio….. Yup the mental games all day weren’t even bloody worth it !!!!! Hoping my pre-workout doesn’t cause me to be typing about being even more tired tomorrow !!!!!


1) Google search: “caffeine in coffee”, sources include USDA


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