Bit wobbly……


Wednesday 17th July, 2013 (Day 7)

Weigh in Wednesday – 68.3, = 2.4kg loss…. I’m surprised after my misery guts binge last night but I’m happy with this (of course). Much better than seeing that 7 at the front again. And knowing the sugars would have me carrying extra water makes me feel a little bit better again.

So still blue, but feeling more determined to reach my first minor goal of 65kg (by 10.08.13). I feel it’s more attainable after weighing in. So determined am I that I smashed out my workout this morning until I actually felt a little woozy. I’d like to think that I may have been off to a bit of a wobbly start but maybe, just maybe, I’m finding my inner strength again. See how we go. Today I’m updating a bit early as I have a late finish tonight and well, so far so good. Morning training done, food eaten, egg and yummy beef soup still to be eaten, arvo weights workout planned and ready to rock n roll so fingers crossed I don’t get battled (battle myself more like) off my determined path.

Amazing how when you truly analyse what takes you away from your path, a majority of it is actually internal thoughts not outside influences.  Even when I have to stay late for work or I have heaps to do at home and I think that I don’t really have time to train, it’s bs…… I have a 24hr gym pass….. I can train late….. early even….. it’s just my internal dialogue that is standing in the way of actually getting my butt on the gym floor. My mini goal for the rest of week is to simply ignore my internal dialogue. Even the nasty stuff…. why do we always say the most horrible things to ourselves that we would never ever ever say to anyone else ???? Why ??

So won’t do stats today as I still have one more arvo sesh and 2 more meals sooooo I’m just making sure it stays at 100% 🙂


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