Thursday 18th July, 2012 (Day 8)

I love those light bulb moments when the world makes sense and you realise you’re really not helping yourself reach your goals…. It happens a lot to me 🙂 especially in these early days….. Sometimes the realisation is glaring in my face, other times it sneaks up on me and I get that “aaaaahhhhhhhhh” moment.


So a strong theme this week is how tired I am… I have no energy…. I’m tired…. I’m probably going to be tired tomorrow….. Dead tired….. Whinge, whinge whinge…..

What would help this lack of energy every single day ????

Training !!! Eating healthy nutritious food to support my daily routines !!!! Cardio !!! Weights !!!! And circuits !!! Oh my…..

It’s all about changing that silly mindset of “I’m tired, I don’t want to train today” to “I want to train today so I’m not so tired” !!! At my fittest moments I was a ball of energy that use to go for a 50km ride….. for something to do !!!! Not groaning and moaning my way through a day……

Spending my energy will, in time, give me energy… Simples……

Stats – Nutrition 100% Training 100% – I feels fricken good typing those figures after such a crummy week !!!!!


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