I’m driving !!!!

go workout

Friday 19th July, 2013 (Day 8)

So second day in a row with 100% nutrition and 100% training !!!! Feeling on top of the world….. Champion starting to shine through…. Feel like I’m driving this bus again !!!!

Not listening to the tiring excuses and internal negotiations about going to the gym or making food choices that don’t align with my goals is truly working. Even today….” I’m tired, it’s Friday, I’m hungry and just want to go home and relax”….. “Stop it internal voice, we are going to the gym and there are no negotiations”……. Silence from the peanut gallery.

How utterly exhausting is the constant, do it, don’t do it banter !!!!! AND after I said, “we’re going so shut up”… Everything else seemed easy. I pulled up at the gym and got out the car thinking that I’ve just had the easiest drive to the gym in a long time… Seriously, my inner self must be a pain in the butt kid that continually says “but” then lines up another excuse to get out of doing something…. Time for the adult to take over and reach these goals .

Weekend is bringing a mixed bag of socializing but all should be easily kept under control. Mainly because I have to drive everywhere (and the everywhere’s are far from home) so there’s no chance of “just one  won’t kill” which will in turn hopefully keep the adult behind the wheel of this goal driven bus 🙂

Oh I just have to type it again……. feels pretty good…..

Stats – Nutrition 100% (PS OMG Michelle Bridges you’ve outdone yourself with the heavenly chicken and leek pie, no way that could be healthy :)) Training 100%. Still enjoying Nike Training Club…. Good workout and because you are always changing from one exercise to the next the time absolutely flies by !!!!


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