Said no to food ??????


Sunday 21st July, 2013 (Day 10)

Holy snapping turtles !!!! I actually did something tonight that has not happened in quite some time now…… I pushed my plate away with uneaten food on it !!! Far out it feels nice slipping back into the person that I use to be (and want to be again). The one not controlled by food or emotions related to food.

Went out for a family meal to celebrate a birthday and I ordered a delicious chicken breast with prawns (roost and reef ??). Of course like most meals these days it came with an abundance of chips and a salad….. I pushed it away after having my chicken, prawns and picking my favs out of the salad and only a couple of chips. I left half my meal and it was the dodgy half for once !!! I feel fantastic. I feel in control and I chose not to inhale the entire plateful and there were no negotiations, no making up for it in training tomorrow. I enjoyed my meal with no guilt. And no picking at the plate even after I had finished because they were sitting there looking at me…..

Bliss !!! Stress free, relaxing, tasty and a small win against food…. Can’t wait to have more wins !!!!

Stats – Nutrition 90% (although it was chicken and prawns it did come with a lovely cream based sauce) and today is rest day so training is optional. But I didn’t sit on the couch all day watching tv which the old me would have done. I was out an about all day being active !! Even struggled to have a nap…… so 100%


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