Up and down…….


Monday 22nd July, 2013 (Day 11)

OK so I was all freaking lardy dah about how awesome I was passing on scarfing all my chips down last night and today…… epic fail…. I really hate using that word but what else is there when I fail to do what I intend to do ????

BUT I’m determined to find the good in the bad experiences that are bound to happen on this journey and today it’s knowing that stress triggers sugar cravings for me. Not junk food in general or eating in general but sugar specifically. So plan of attack for next super stressful day (as most days at work are stressing at some point and it doesn’t bother me) ???? No idea…. I keep thinking of great things I would say to someone else like go for a walk, have a water with lemon/lime in it, have a herbal tea, contact a friend, get some fresh air, read your goals, go and try on some clothes you don’t fit intoand today none of those would have helped…… I will find something however !!! Maybe I should do my inspiration/vision board and set it up. Not sure work would like that however…… Guess I could set it up at home and have a picture of it at work…..

I think just acting like a freaking adult and not a spoilt kid that should get every want in life is a good start !!!

So today = big fat goose egg all round !!!!! 0% !!!! Just want the day to end so I can start again fresh tomorrow. Yes I could still train this afternoon but I’m not. I’m ashamed of myself and want to go home and not be seen in public. I just want to go to bed and start again tomorrow. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I think one of my ways of not giving into food cravings is read my own blog. I would rather feel like I did yesterday and on my 100% days than right now.

My micro goal this week is to have perfect scores for the rest of the week with 1 x treat meal on Saturday. I’m committed to this and now it’s out there and you’ve all read it so as I’m a woman of my word I have to do it…. Crap I have a big mouth…


One thought on “Up and down…….

  1. get a large knife and sharping stone and when you get streesed out just sharpen that knife up nice and slow. i find the geantel grinding noise to quite soothing plus as you know whaen i relaxe my face it naturly seatels into a menacing scowl so when people come to my work station thay just see me looking like im about to kill some one whilst sharpining a very large knife and to addd to the effect by muttering quietly to my self all of a suden i feel better and every one is way to scaered to come near me winning all round you see

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