Decision to Change


Wednesday 7th August, 2013

Well firstly I apologise that this blog has gone from daily to once a week. I am very busy but will strive to be a far more regular blogger.

The last week I’ve only made it to the gym once and exercised twice. And eaten terribly. I had some major social events and honestly think that because I knew they were coming up I didn’t really apply myself to my mission.

Also I hadn’t truly, madly, deeply made the decision to change. To change my thoughts, outlook and lifestyle. I think that this is absolutely crucial to success in any transformation to take current stock of yourself and your life, look at yourself now and where you want to be and really honestly make a decision to change to become that person which entails starting to actually act like that future you that you want to be. There is absolutely no point wanting to change and then continuing on the same path with the same habits. Eg going directly home from work and being a couch spud when the future you is an active amazeballs person that doesn’t sit around right ??? Be that future you from the get go. And remind yourself continually that you have CHOSEN to be a happy, healthy, fit and fabulous person and sometimes it’s inconvenient and hard. But you’ve chosen to do it and why would you want to let yourself down ??

I have found that I am at the point where I have made the decision to change. I wrote down all the things I do not like about myself presently (purely physically) like “not fitting my clothes”, “not having any energy” and made quite an extensive list. Then I wrote another list of all the things that would be awesome when I get to my goal weight/fitness level like “fitting my clothes”, “going for my 10km run without feeling half dead after”… etc and so on. This is something I learned a very long time ago when I was introduced to a healthier way of life with Bill Phillips whom was of the founder of Muscle Media magazine and the CEO of EAS supplements. It was part of his program. To really think about it all and make a conscious decision to change.

It’s always worked for me to adjust my attitude and set my goals. To set myself up for success.

So today I am as gung ho as it comes. But with a stomach bug…. sad panda……. So I’ve still kept my food fresh and wholesome, but my training today will be a light walk if I feel a bit better later.

So do yourself a favour and take stock. Really think about the now you and future you and you never know, you may not be ready to change, and that is ok !!!!!!… But sometimes you just need to make that conscious decision to get going.


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