Building Blocks to Success


Friday 9th August

Well you, reader, and I both know the last few weeks have been worse than up and down, all or nothing, and all the other sayings.

Over this past week though I’ve been setting my mind up to take on a new training program. I’m goal setting, looking at excuses, making conscious decisions to make a change, focussing on my inner, most deep and horrible thoughts and where I want to be and what I want to change.

I’m feeling pretty well prepared. I’m freaking set !!! AND even have new tunes for the ride 🙂

Although this week I’ve done a big fat goose egg when it comes to training and eaten what ever the hell I want (last minute “end of the world” behaviour, when will I ever outgrow this?)…. I’m feeling completely set that come Monday I WILL be the person I want to be. It’s going to be hard. I’m still ridiculously tired, but I’m so determined and basically READY to change my lifestyle. I have a lot of events coming up, but I’m an adult and don’t have to treat these events as excuses to go nuts with food and skip training.

I’ve received my training plan for next week and I’m pumped !!! I do need to deal with the small matter of measuring up and a fitness test, but after that it’s balls to the wall health and fitness baby !!!!

Can’t wait !!! Bet you can’t wait to stop watching my rollercoaster of a ride of the last couple of weeks too !!! LOL


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