Detoxing Sucks


Monday 12th August, 2013 (Re-starting the counter, Day 1)

Ok so first of all I’m re-starting the counter. Today I AM ready to make a difference in my life. I FEEL fricken ready and totally pumped and I’ve made the decision to change my lifestyle. I do need to complete some tasks (from Michelle Bridges (MB)) to keep my mental game clear, which I anticipate to finish this week.

So, today I started with a fitness test as my morning cardio and a uphill walk on the treadie. I thought I was going to have a freaking heart attack rowing my 1km time trial, but I made it AND I’m pretty happy that my “unofficial” time (as I didn’t have a witness so you’ll have to take my word for it) was faster than the current female 1km rower challenge leader in our gym…. Might have to take part in that challenge perhaps…..

But to the point of today’s post, today is the first day of my healthy 12week nutrition plan (thank you MB) which has cut out processed sugars and sweets and junk etc etc…. I’m feeling it, I’m really feeling it. I feel dry and headachey….. Generally yuck, really yuck. And oily, eeewwwww. My poor body is trying to flush out these horrid toxins I’ve been cramming in over the last couple of weeks during my very weak attempts at getting my health back on track. I’m drinking so much water and green tea but still feel very dry, toxic and horrible. NEVER AGAIN !!! Feeling like this is crap, it truly sucks, I just want to go to bed and sleep it off. I actually feel hungover, from food !!!!. I know I’ve got between 1 day and 2 weeks of detoxing all that crap out and it’s not going to be fun. But it’ll be worth it !!!!!


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