Information Overload


Tuesday 13th August, 2013 (Day 2)

Ever noticed just how much information is out there for weight loss, fitness, healthy lifestyle even for the definition of “clean eating” ????

Here’s my thoughts – DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU !!! Just be smart about it. I was witness to an interesting debate about the old rice cracker or rice thin. That puffed round thing that breaks if you spread PB straight from the fridge onto it !!.

A lot of people weighed in on this discussion with most saying the it is indeed a healthy alternative to say, a bag of chips or a chocolate bar, and others were completely of the mind that it is the absolute worse idea for a snack ever.

Me – I say do what you want to suit your lifestyle and goals… if a snack of a rice cracker with a smear of PB or some turkey and sprouts on it stops you from having a high fat etc bag of chips then go nuts !!!

Every single person has their opinion about it all. How many calories to eat, how much training to do, when to train, when to eat, to supplement or not to supplement, fruit or no fruit, zero sugar, diet soft drinks.

Do what works for you. And when I say what works for you I don’t mean people saying “yup I’m cool eating 2000 calories a day as 1200/1500 is too low for me. 2000 works better for me” and you gain weight and the opposite is actually your goal….. I know you’re out there…. I’ll be clear, do what works for you that is conducive to your goal…

I work very well on 1200 cal of highly nutritious and tasty food. People say it’s too low all the time. I run like a well oiled machine and I lose the weight I want to lose, and if I’m hungry I’ll up it. It’s not for everyone but it’s what works for me.

So when you need information believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you read…. OR simply try it out if you don’t know, or hit the forums. People are more than willing to share their stories !!!!


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