WIW !!!

weighing in

Wednesday 14th August, 2013 (Day 3)

Well Wednesday’s are weigh in days and today my dear heart scales informed me I had lost 2kg. It’s not a big thing though as most of that is water that my body would have been holding due to my unhealthy nutritional choices over the weekend, so it’s a bit of a meh weigh in today. ALTHOUGH, it is a good indication that I obviously eating properly and training well !!

A lot of people stress over weighing in. I understand that. Getting your “before” weight when commencing a new lifestyle journey can be very daunting but remember we all start somewhere. I don’t ever jump on the scales with a big smile and fanfare (ok sometimes), but honestly, weighing in is just an accountability action. When I stepped up for my start weight I knew it would hurt to see the number but I have to own it and realise it’s just a starting number not a stamp on my forehead telling everyone I’m being unhealthy and not looking after myself. And seriously, most people would not care anyway !!! You care.

As for weekly weigh ins. If you do the right thing then there should be no stress or tears. I KNOW next week I will have lost weight because I’m following my set training and nutrition plan. There’s no need for me to stress about it at all. It will drop. If you are stressing and crying over weighing in is it because you could have pushed harder in your training or did you sneak cake and lollies or are your portions not quite to size ?? It’s simply a measurement to stay accountable to yourself. Yes I know that muscle building and leaning up is a completely different set of rules as you would want to use measurements such as a tape or body fat callipers to watch your progress. I’m purely talking weight loss here.

So in short. We all start somewhere. Look at your before figure and say “Yup, I have work to do but this figure does not define me” and if you stick to your training and nutrition plan then weigh in day will be just another day and you’re just checking in on yourself.

Oh !!!! If you ARE in fact sticking to your plans and you are not getting results. It may be time to look at your plans more or talk to whomever is giving you your plans. Or maybe enlist help if you are doing them yourself.


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