Sad panda moment….


Friday 16th August, 2013 (Day 5)

Starting to get back into the swing of training daily again and loving it. Had a few sad panda moments in yesterday’s training however.

Still struggling with being very very tired (back to Doc today) and it really hurt me as I just wanted to go nuts on the gym floor but I could barely lift anything. I didn’t drop my weights which I’m happy about but it was pretty sad. I just desperately want to get back to revelling in the challenges put before me and nailing it !!! Now I struggle to keep my eyes open and hold my weights. And speaking of weights, the extra weight I’m carrying is making me a little more clumsy and making the exercises harder. Although I still can do things like a push up it’s more tiring and harder because there’s an extra 10+ kg on there. Changing that every day with every meal and session though 🙂

Hopefully by sticking with it I can get more energy back and hopefully Doc has some results for me and we can work on getting me back in the game.

I am proud of myself for not giving in though. No matter how bad it felt yesterday I was so determined to finish every single rep.

Back for another round today and I’m so tired right now I actually have a headache. Not good at all. But I will NOT give in.


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