Thursday 22nd August, 2013 (Day 11)

So this week I’ve had the sorrow of being sick. No idea what’s wrong with me but I’m a puppet with it’s strings cut. At least I’m back at work…. Hurrah…..

Now my opinion on exercising and illness. Basically just be smart. If you truly cannot move and are struggling with day to day tasks, do not train. It’s really not worth it. If it’s a simple cold or sniffles and just feeling a “little off” then train. It’s likely it’ll make you feel better.

As for myself right now. My body is telling me “no”. I actually got up early to train this morning and got dressed and after having a drink felt so awful that I knew I should not train. So although I know I’m going backwards in my goals right now as I’m not training and my nutrition is whatever I can simply eat without prep (remind me to post about filling your freezer with “take away” meals), I know I can simply get back into it when I feel better. I forgot to weigh in yesterday and today and think it’s actually my subconscious saving me from not only feeling pretty crummy but also being devastated that all my amazing work last week is undone. Sad panda. One week set back. Crap.

BUT at the end of the day remember illness (gods willing) will be short term. Healthy and fit lifestyle, forever more :).

I’m also using this time to work on my goals and my “mental gym work” so at least it’s not a total waste of sick bed time.


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