Feeling Better

feeling better

Monday 26th August, 2013 (Day 15)

Feeling soooo much better today after being sick last week. Although I could have pushed through a workout or two on the weekend I decided to just sleep it all off and hit the ground running today. And boy did I do well this morning, felt so good to be back in the gym at 5am. So good I actually did do some running 🙂 rare for me but it felt like I was escaping my illness and crummy feelings, pure freedom. Wish I felt safer running that early in the streets or on the beach but I’m not going to push my luck that far by venturing out in the dark.

I feel a little sad that I’m now set back a week, so basically I have just stayed the same from the start as I gained that 600gm as I wasn’t training and I wasn’t going to restrict food whilst sick, but far out I’m glad I didn’t push myself into it before I was truly ready. Looking forward to squats and chest presses after work. Watch out I’m on a roll and feeling fine.


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