Love My Gyms !!

Love gym

Thursday 29th August, 2013 (Day 18)

I have to say I freaking love my gyms. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful, friendly, supportive and amazing people.

My morning and ad hoc workouts are smashed out at Snap Casuarina, which is 24hr and usually I’m in and out of there when it’s very quiet and all the machines are mine mine mine !!!!! They are fitted out with awesome equipment that’s well maintained. Love it and love seeing the same people in there at 5am reaching their goals too !! When I have gone in when it is staffed, the staff are simply lovely and even organise little challenges for us all like a 1000m rowing challenges or planking challenges just to keep us on our toes. Love it !!

My afternoon wicked weight sessions are heaved at Fernwood Club Millner and I have to say the foxy ladies that work there are the most wonderful women I’ve ever come across in my life. Always supportive and attentive and some days just their smiling greetings makes the up coming gruelling workout seem lighter 🙂 AND before the stigma that girls only gyms only have little 1kg pink weights this Fernwood not only has nice heavy weights (well 20kg dumbells are heavy enough for me) they even have a squat rack so don’t judge a gym by it’s pretty cover 🙂

I certainly could not achieve anything fitness related without this amazing support system and being surrounded by like minded people. And that’s just the gyms !! not including my amazing friends whom are like minded !!!

Finding a gym that really works for you is (to me) paramount for success. If you don’t like your gym, you won’t want to be there and then the excuses will start creeping in so you don’t have to go and that will set back those goals. Not something anyone wants.


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