Play It Again Sam !!


Friday 30th August, 2013 (Day 19)

I’ve realised just how much I depend on music to get me through a work out and without it I am seriously grumpy and out of my zen zone. Just one workout without the tunes seemed completely wrong and I was beside myself with many mixed emotions. So how come music is so important to me ??

i) It distracts me from exhaustion. I know countless times I’ve been at that stage of “I cannot possibly take one more step” and a song comes on and I can run miles or lift again.

ii) I train in time with the tunes so even tired I tend to keep my pace up.

iii) It effects my mood. I can have the worse day and shuffle will deliver an awesome track and bang !!! I’m up there with a grin and a groan working my butt off again.

iv) It puts my in my own world away from the distractions of other conversations of people around me.

v) I simply love music

Science Daily states that it increases endurance by 15%…. actually there are a few websites that state 15% as a magical number….. So I guess that’s why my training feels a bit lacking without the tunes. I feel the 15% loss… lol…

So here’s cheers to charging your ipod and busting out some tunes while your busting your butt 🙂

Side note update: I’m very very happy with my achievements this week. Trained every day and food is perfect. Looking forward to reaping the rewards on WIW…. I feel fantastic !!!!



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