Thursday 5th September, 2013, (Day 25…. I think)

Completely in robot mode today and trying to take the emotion out of everything. Seems to be working so far as I haven’t eaten anything that is not on my plan. Excellent.

NOW to just accomplish my workout which, of course, isn’t just an easy “do it on the way home” task like most days. Nooooooo now it’s a “do it later because the dog has his vet appointment”. So goal is to NOT listen to my excuses of “it’s too late”, “I need to cook dinner” blah blah blah and get it done.

THEN make sure I cook my nice, tasty, nutritious and healthy meal and not say “it’s too late, I’ll just have”…… This is so frustrating as this is beginner stuff !!!! Grrraaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr  !!!!

Must replace these excuses and bad habits with empowering thoughts and good habits !!!

One day at a time, one day at a time……..


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