That was fun !!!!!


Tuesday 10th September, 2013 (Day 30)

Well I had a ball doing yesterday’s workout. Changing that focus seems to have lifted the black veil a bit and I actually enjoyed training. It wasn’t telling myself to “push harder”, “burn more”, “you use to do better”, “lift more”…. it was simply enjoyable. Well, as enjoyable as hill intervals, sprints and 1km rowing time trials can be lol…. I felt fantastic after. The endorphins were racing and I was actually happy and lighter leaving the gym.

So day 1 of 21 days of healthy habits was a knockout 🙂 And dare I say it and jinx myself, day 2 is looking pretty darn good too. So good I’m not actually wanting to weigh in tomorrow. I don’t want to have a number on a stupid scale ruin my current mentality….. see how I feel I guess.


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