Early Mornings….. maybe

early mornings

Thursday 19th September 2013 (Day 46)

Today I set the alarm to get up early and get my workout done before work….. then promptly reset it and went back to sleep after 40min of telling myself to get up, which left about 20min extra sleep before I actually had to get up for work…… grrooooaaaannnnnnn

I have no idea why I’m so determined to get back to training first thing in the morning before the sun comes up, the birds wake and the bats go to bed. I know there are many benefits like;

  • It builds consistency
  • You generally don’t have to wait for machines or weights
  • It helps increase your metabolism
  • You feel more energized for the day
  • It increases self discipline
  • It clears your mind for the day and increases focus
  • Burns more fat as you have no “food energy” to burn before your fat stores
  • It can help regulate your appetite
  • Regulation of your circadian rhythms (click here for more info)
  • Daily life is less likely to get in the way eg working back late
  • You seriously have less excuses, or none !
  • I’ve been told you sleep better as well…..

BUT, even with all these amazing benefits I think the main reason I want to train early mornings again is I just want to go back to the way I use to be. Bouncing out of bed, sipping a coffee on the way to the gym to pump out some tunes to an awesome workout then do an internal self high five for being awesome and cooking up a fantastic breakfast to fuel the rest of the day.

Geez it sounds awesome writing it like that !!!!

So, even though I’m finding anytime between 4am – 6am a ridiculous time to train I’m going to do it. I’m so bloody doggedly determined to get back into that early morning rhythm and feeling fantastic. Watch this space.

Quick update – 21 days of healthy habits going rather well. I had some wine Friday night, but it wasn’t excessive and within my rules. OK on date night I could have ordered something much better than chicken and chips (which was awesome) but believe me, although I enjoyed eating it I felt so very sick after and the next day I felt like I’d gained a good 15kg from that one meal so I’m not doing that again. I’m definitely finding being healthy so much easier without all my added pressure of being at certain weights, measurements, km’s etc in short time frames. I feel like this is turning into a lifestyle (which is what I want) instead of yet another transformation. More on my changes from transforming to transforming a lifestyle another day.






It’s How You View It !!


Thursday 12th September, 2013 (Day 32)

Well I was going to post this yesterday but that post by Reembody was just too good not to repost as it’s exactly how I feel about fitsperation pictures right now. If you missed it go back to my post yesterday and take the time to read through. Especially if you’re struggling to reach that “ultimate visual goal”.

NOW speaking of goals, now that I’ve changed my focus to keeping it basic and just making it through 21 days of good habits (yay day 4 and feeling fine…. well except for the silly cold someone shared with me), it’s really made me realise how much negativity I’d injected into my goals.

For example my first month goal was to reach 66kg, under 30% body fat, run 4km and fit a size 12. WHY ?? because a) I feel uncomfortable in my clothes b) I feel unattractive) c) The tropical heat sucks at this size d) I need to buy a new wardrobe and don’t want to have to go up a size…… basically my picture today says it all….

All negative……..

Now getting back to basics my views have changed 360 degrees. I want (not need) that’s right, I want to train and eat healthy because a) I feel “cleaner” b) I feel happier c) My skin is clearer d) My eyes are brighter e) I laugh more f) I have more energy g) I have a brighter outlook on life in general and problems really aren’t that bad.

All positive 🙂

Sometimes just changing the perspective and focussing on the good changes over the poorly constructed “reasons” to reach a goal can make the world of difference.

Also I just want to add I’m pretty freaking happy with myself as I felt so lousy with this cold last night that there was truly no way I was going to be able to run hill sprints and breathe at the same time and instead of just throwing in the towel and telling myself “I need rest for my cold” I did a yoga session instead and although having my head down (why do they use downward dog so much ????) and feeling my cold pulse against my forehead was zero fun, it felt great to still do something when I previously would have accepted an excuse and done nothing. Love the small wins !!!.

What a Workout !!


Saturday 31st August, 2013 (Day 20)

Well I can’t say I killed that workout, more it killed me but I’m so pleased with myself that I didn’t take any shortcuts or simply stop. I had that balls to the wall, woozy, I’m going to throw up feeling, but walked it off and kept going.

Amusingly enough, most of the workout I was counting down the reps and minutes but once I finished I really really wanted to see 1,000cal on my HRM so spent extra time walking and doing extra stretches. Never ceases to amaze me how I re-energize over such silly and simple things.

So that was my last official workout of the week and I’m so pleased with this weeks efforts. I’ve trained very hard and I’ve stuck to my nutrition plan. Very content with myself right now.

Play It Again Sam !!


Friday 30th August, 2013 (Day 19)

I’ve realised just how much I depend on music to get me through a work out and without it I am seriously grumpy and out of my zen zone. Just one workout without the tunes seemed completely wrong and I was beside myself with many mixed emotions. So how come music is so important to me ??

i) It distracts me from exhaustion. I know countless times I’ve been at that stage of “I cannot possibly take one more step” and a song comes on and I can run miles or lift again.

ii) I train in time with the tunes so even tired I tend to keep my pace up.

iii) It effects my mood. I can have the worse day and shuffle will deliver an awesome track and bang !!! I’m up there with a grin and a groan working my butt off again.

iv) It puts my in my own world away from the distractions of other conversations of people around me.

v) I simply love music

Science Daily states that it increases endurance by 15%…. actually there are a few websites that state 15% as a magical number….. So I guess that’s why my training feels a bit lacking without the tunes. I feel the 15% loss… lol…

So here’s cheers to charging your ipod and busting out some tunes while your busting your butt 🙂

Side note update: I’m very very happy with my achievements this week. Trained every day and food is perfect. Looking forward to reaping the rewards on WIW…. I feel fantastic !!!!


Love My Gyms !!

Love gym

Thursday 29th August, 2013 (Day 18)

I have to say I freaking love my gyms. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful, friendly, supportive and amazing people.

My morning and ad hoc workouts are smashed out at Snap Casuarina, which is 24hr and usually I’m in and out of there when it’s very quiet and all the machines are mine mine mine !!!!! They are fitted out with awesome equipment that’s well maintained. Love it and love seeing the same people in there at 5am reaching their goals too !! When I have gone in when it is staffed, the staff are simply lovely and even organise little challenges for us all like a 1000m rowing challenges or planking challenges just to keep us on our toes. Love it !!

My afternoon wicked weight sessions are heaved at Fernwood Club Millner and I have to say the foxy ladies that work there are the most wonderful women I’ve ever come across in my life. Always supportive and attentive and some days just their smiling greetings makes the up coming gruelling workout seem lighter 🙂 AND before the stigma that girls only gyms only have little 1kg pink weights this Fernwood not only has nice heavy weights (well 20kg dumbells are heavy enough for me) they even have a squat rack so don’t judge a gym by it’s pretty cover 🙂

I certainly could not achieve anything fitness related without this amazing support system and being surrounded by like minded people. And that’s just the gyms !! not including my amazing friends whom are like minded !!!

Finding a gym that really works for you is (to me) paramount for success. If you don’t like your gym, you won’t want to be there and then the excuses will start creeping in so you don’t have to go and that will set back those goals. Not something anyone wants.

Building Blocks to Success


Friday 9th August

Well you, reader, and I both know the last few weeks have been worse than up and down, all or nothing, and all the other sayings.

Over this past week though I’ve been setting my mind up to take on a new training program. I’m goal setting, looking at excuses, making conscious decisions to make a change, focussing on my inner, most deep and horrible thoughts and where I want to be and what I want to change.

I’m feeling pretty well prepared. I’m freaking set !!! AND even have new tunes for the ride 🙂

Although this week I’ve done a big fat goose egg when it comes to training and eaten what ever the hell I want (last minute “end of the world” behaviour, when will I ever outgrow this?)…. I’m feeling completely set that come Monday I WILL be the person I want to be. It’s going to be hard. I’m still ridiculously tired, but I’m so determined and basically READY to change my lifestyle. I have a lot of events coming up, but I’m an adult and don’t have to treat these events as excuses to go nuts with food and skip training.

I’ve received my training plan for next week and I’m pumped !!! I do need to deal with the small matter of measuring up and a fitness test, but after that it’s balls to the wall health and fitness baby !!!!

Can’t wait !!! Bet you can’t wait to stop watching my rollercoaster of a ride of the last couple of weeks too !!! LOL

Blue day……


Tuesday 16th July, 2013 (Day 6)

Well I am a bit blue today….. All my own doing of course, but still, that does not help.

I skipped my morning session again using my favourite excuse of “I’m tired”, and what makes this even more stupid is my morning session is my favourite !!!! So today started with a guilt trip in the shower and a mental beating. Then behold….. work pants are tight….. thank you oh great universe…. that gentle reminder of my goals was just what I needed….. not. I recognise that I’ve done this myself and don’t really need that extra boost….. Far out, who would have thought a day at the races, a dodgy dinner and a couple of missed workouts (out of 11) would de-rail someone !!!! Geez… Big girl panties anyone ????

AND because I’m blue what else besides wanting to eat an entire realm of chocolate could possibly eventuate ??? Stupid hormones and stupid emotions and no I didn’t have any.

BUT – I did also skip my arvo weights session 😦 and spent the time I would have been happily training digging my way to the bottom of a bucket of ice cream, attacking the peanut butter and having god knows how many beautiful red cherries for “dessert”…………. then having a big cry about it in the shower (It’s only day 6 for Christ sake…..). I’m so so sad about my efforts today. I own it and know I can and will do better, but I feel so defeated (BY STUPID FOOD AND EXCUSES)…… So I do need to work on my mental strength. Tomorrow I’ll be focussing on my excuses. This being tired all the time excuse just cannot cut it anymore and I need to recognise ways to counteract this excuse…. Oh I have Michelle Bridges voice in my head right now telling me to “get real”…. Which reminds me. I joined up with MB for the coming next 12 week challenge and am pumped….. well as pumped as a misery guts can be on a blue day…….. so stay tuned for that part of the journey…..

It’s so easy to say it’s just an emotion, it’ll pass, but until it does, it’s an exhausting, internally hateful game. Cravings, feelings and nasty self deprecating comments…… Not good…. not helping reach goals…..

I’m really worried about ‘Weigh In Wednesday’….. Can’t fix that now hey !!! Stupid stupid girl !!! and now I’m going to be carrying extra water weight and feel like crap….. stupid girl…… Well I guess next week will be hella awesome !!!! I have got to put into place counteractive measures to assist this mental battle….  Finding my determination and inner warrior !!! Priority 1 !!!

So today’s stats = Nutrition ??? I was great for all my meals then screwed up…….  How do I put a figure on that ? I went over on calories, went against my “I will not binge” decree…… but I did stick to the rest of my nutrition plan…… 50% ???? Training and big fat goose egg 0%…….