It’s How You View It !!


Thursday 12th September, 2013 (Day 32)

Well I was going to post this yesterday but that post by Reembody was just too good not to repost as it’s exactly how I feel about fitsperation pictures right now. If you missed it go back to my post yesterday and take the time to read through. Especially if you’re struggling to reach that “ultimate visual goal”.

NOW speaking of goals, now that I’ve changed my focus to keeping it basic and just making it through 21 days of good habits (yay day 4 and feeling fine…. well except for the silly cold someone shared with me), it’s really made me realise how much negativity I’d injected into my goals.

For example my first month goal was to reach 66kg, under 30% body fat, run 4km and fit a size 12. WHY ?? because a) I feel uncomfortable in my clothes b) I feel unattractive) c) The tropical heat sucks at this size d) I need to buy a new wardrobe and don’t want to have to go up a size…… basically my picture today says it all….

All negative……..

Now getting back to basics my views have changed 360 degrees. I want (not need) that’s right, I want to train and eat healthy because a) I feel “cleaner” b) I feel happier c) My skin is clearer d) My eyes are brighter e) I laugh more f) I have more energy g) I have a brighter outlook on life in general and problems really aren’t that bad.

All positive đŸ™‚

Sometimes just changing the perspective and focussing on the good changes over the poorly constructed “reasons” to reach a goal can make the world of difference.

Also I just want to add I’m pretty freaking happy with myself as I felt so lousy with this cold last night that there was truly no way I was going to be able to run hill sprints and breathe at the same time and instead of just throwing in the towel and telling myself “I need rest for my cold” I did a yoga session instead and although having my head down (why do they use downward dog so much ????) and feeling my cold pulse against my forehead was zero fun, it felt great to still do something when I previously would have accepted an excuse and done nothing. Love the small wins !!!.